How to use Photography in Graphic Design

How to use Photography in Graphic Design

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Photography | 0 comments

Photography is a very versatile tool that can be used in many different industries that have something to do with graphic design. Graphic design has been around for centuries and uses typography, color, imagery, and other visual design elements to create things we come in contact with, such as books, magazines, advertisements, film posters, or flyers.

Photography is one of the most common tools designers use because it allows them to capture ideas more quickly. After all, they have a specific image in mind. So when you are tasked with designing something that will be printed on paper or seen on a screen, there is no doubt that photography should be involved. The following are tips for using photography in graphic design.

1. Storytelling

Photography is a great way to tell a story because of the images it can create. You can use pictures in various forms, such as illustrations or graphic design elements. It will all depend on what you are trying to portray and what mood/feel you want your final product/product design to have.

When you are designing something with photography in mind, think of different ways you can use photographs to tell your story because that will help make the image more interesting.

2. Capturing a moment

Photography is a great way to capture a moment because it captures whatever is happening in the image. The photo you use can say a lot about the company and allow viewers to see what the company is really like.

If you need to design something meant to represent a specific company, the company still needs to provide images. Photography can be used to get ideas for the company’s appearance or how its employees act.

3. Live models

Live models are prevalent in photography and are used to capture the action. Live models can also be captured to help create different elements for designs, such as fonts, illustrations, or posters.

You can use live models for your projects that you will be seeing on a screen or printed on paper because it will give you more accurate depictions of the design. For instance, if you are designing a business card and want to create your own font for it, you can use live models to help you develop fonts.

4. Making designs more interesting

Two different ways can be done when you are trying to design something and want viewers to see what the design is about. One way is to include imagery in your design, which will give viewers a clearer picture of what the design will look like or how it should be used. The other way is to include graphics, which help convey a message or add to the design, rather than relying on images.

5. Simplicity

Photography is a simple way to convey ideas. If you are designing something that does not have photographs or illustrations, it will be challenging to include the elements needed for your design. Suppose you need to become more familiar with designing things that do not require photography.

In that case, you can use graphics and illustrations because they will help get the message across without having to use images. If a designer does not like photography, there is always the option of using icons or symbols instead of an image.


There are many different uses for photography in graphic design; the list above only includes a few. These are all things that can be used on your own or in groups to help make a design look more exciting and give viewers a better understanding of what you are trying to portray.