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criminally creative

keepin’ it simple. no acrobatics.

I’m not a ninja. I don't eat pixels for breakfast and code for lunch.

I’m a web designer

As simple as it sounds. No acrobatics.

In my spare time I'mthe female of the species, metalhead, doberman lover and cereal exterminator.


Selection of my latest projects

Standing the test of time, or what went wrong

Published by Lena @ 17:19:32 on 03 September 2013

I have a confession to make - I had an immense nostalgia surge couple of months ago while I was trying to clean up (finally!) my tech-junk cardboard box AKA CD back-up collection, dating back to 1998 believe it or not :) A religious devotee of the frequent back-ups as I was (and still am, though I moved to cloud) I kept everything, the useful and the useless: working files, software installations, stock photos, emails, all sorts of docs - in short, a flotsam and jetsam of my digital life. I found myself picking CDs at random to browse their contents only to discover the things were not the same. I guess Bob Dylan was right after all, The Times They Are a-Changin'...

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